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All the latest and greatest Film, Comic, Cult TV Head Knockers, Bobble Heads, Bobbing Heads
All the latest and greatest
Film, Comic and Cult TV Head Knockers & Bobble Heads newest memorabilia and merchandise!

Lord of the Rings Bobble Heads

Lord of the Rings BOBBLE HEADS

Gizmo Head Knocker

Gremlin Gizmo Head Knocker

Hulk Head Knocker
Hulk Head Knocker
NBX Jack Head Knocker
Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Head Knocker
Evil Ash Head Knocker
Evil Ash Head Knocker
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Head Knockers

HEAD KNOCKERS & HEAD BOBBLERS Head Knockers, Head Bobblers, Bobble Heads, Bobbing Head Dolls essentially a figure on a base with disproportionate head on a spring that wobbles and bobs; collect as many as possible then invite your ordinary head sized friends round - set your collection going off at once, then just sit back and watch the looks of sheer amazement, wonderment and utter joy - in no time at all you'll find everybody joins in bouncing and bobbing, oh what a party that will be!

Lord of the Rings BOBBLE HEADS

Iron Maiden Eddie Head Knocker
Head bobbing Maiden Mascot,we present the all rocker all head knocker Eddie!
Life After Death Iron Maiden Eddie Head Knocker
Iron Maiden Eddie he's a rocker and a knocker, a real head knocker that's Life After Death Head Knocker Eddie.
Gizmo Head Knocker
Be careful when you feed this one, its the Gizmo Head Knocker such a cute Gremlin!
Stripe Head Knocker
Has anyone seen that cute Gremlin Gizmo Head Knocker? I'm not too sure about this Stripe Head Knocker he looks a bit scary!

Daredevil Head Knocker
From the Daredevil Movie, with Ben Affleck as Daredevil, based on the Marvel comic book Daredevil its your very own Daredevil Head Knocker

From the Daredevil Movie, with Jennifer Garner as Elektra, based on the Marvel comic book Daredevil its your very own Elektra Head Knocker.

X-Men 2 Wolverine Head Knocker
From the movies X-Men 2 here's Head Knocker Wolverine!

The Terminator T-800 Head Knocker
Your very own head bobbing cyborg ! this is The Terminator T-800 Head Knocker.
Terminator Endoskeleton Head Knocker
This is one Endoskeleton that'll keep coming back or at least his head will! The Terminator Endoskeleton Head Knocker, give it a shake!Rambo Head Knocker
This is the Head Knocker that could liberate an entire continent single handed we bring you the Rambo Head Knocker!
Nightmare Before Xmas Jack Head Knocker
You think you know Jack from the Tim Burton movie Nightmare Before Christmas? Yes its Jack himself in jovial Head Knocker form. Nightmare Before Xmas Sally Head Knocker Its the rather fetching Sally from the acclaimed Tim Burton movie A Nightmare Before Xmas. she'll go nicely with her pal Head Knocker Jack!
Yogi Bear Wacky Wobbler
Yogi Bear is "SMARTER THAN THE AVERAGE BEAR." So watch out for YOUR pic-a-nic basket because Yogi Bear is here to stay! Stands about 7" Tall.
Kermit Head Knocker
Muppet mayhem with this Kermit Head Knocker, collect them all! Miss Piggy Head Knocker. Another Muppet Bobble Head or Head Knocker, get ready for more Muppets Head Knockers, here is the Miss Piggy Head Knocker!
Ash Head Knocker
Is that a Knocker at the window? Or maybe someone at the door Knocker! Is that someone else, a Knocker in the cellar? It's all right its only Head Knocker Ash just been out for a spot of gardening! Evil Ash Head Knocker
Is that a Knocker at the window? Or maybe someone at the door Knocker! Is that someone else, a Knocker in the cellar? It's all right its only Head Knocker Ash just been out for a spot of gardening! Oh look he's changed! He's come back as Head Knocker Evil Ash!
Freddy Kreuger Head Knocker
Everybody's worse Nightmare on Elm Street? Or is it your friendly neighbourhood man in a hat? Yes it's Head Knocker Freddy Kreuger on the knocker!
Leatherface Head Knocker
All ready for a spot of DIY it's Leatherface Head Knocker very handy to have around the house!
Jason Vorhees Head Knocker
It's Friday so it must be the Jason Vorhees Head Knocker calling round for a game of hockey!
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Wacky Wobbler
Leatherface is ready to cut things up with his Texas chainsaw and detailed base covered in blood and body parts. This highly detailed figure stands over 7" tall and is not for the squeamish.
The Crow Head Knocker
Looking a little pale but otherwise quite cheerful in his smart black coat ready for a jolly good night out on the town its the Crow Head Knocker!
Posey Living Dead Doll Head Knocker & Eggzorcist Living Dead Doll Head Knocker - The Living Dead Doll Head Knocker version of Living Dead Dolls


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