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McFarlane Toys' music action figures collection includes: Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Janis Joplin, Jim morrison, Angus Young, Eddie (Iron Maiden), Eddie 2 (Iron Maiden) Trooper, Jery Garcia, The Beatles, Kiss and Metallica. The Kiss and Metallica action figure series also includes the Metallica box set with stage and lights and the Kiss box set also with stage and lights.

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Metallica: 4 Figures And Stage Boxed Set
All four Metallica action figures and their instruments, stage set with lights and sounds. Cool.

Metallica: Kirk Hamnett Action Figure
Kirk, guitar and cymbal. Rockin' good action figures.

Metallica: Jason Newstead Action Figure
Jason, five string bass and snare. Rockin' good action figures.

Metallica: Lars Ulrich Action Figure
Lars, drumstool, kick drum, hi-hats and toms. Rockin' good action figures.

Metallica: James Hetfield Action Figure
james, guitar and more drum bits. Rockin' good action figures.