The best Christmas toys for boys and also the best Christmas toys for girls - movie and TV toys, games, creative toys, tech toys and more of the best toys for Christmas.

Christmas will soon be here, and the time is right for finding those ideal gifts for the children in your life. It's never an easy task, and sometimes you're lucky if you;re even halfway right, but with good advice on what the best toys for boys and girls for this Christmas are, you can be sure of bringing some magic to the holiday season this year.

What's more, as well as trying to find the best selling and most wanted toys, it is never easy finding the best prices for those things, so we have done our utmost to being your the best selling and most highly sought after toys for boys and girls this Christmas, all of which are available at the best prices around online. What's more, you can trust in the solid reputation of Amazon. There are movie and TV related toys, games, dolls, racing cars and more to choose from for boys and girls this year, all of which are superb ideas for Christmas gifts. Here are some good examples of the sort of things you can find right here:

Transformers toys are big news this year with many children. Some of the very best selling Transfomers toys right now include the Bumblebee Voice Changer Helmet, the Devastator Constructicon set, the Leader Edition Optimus Prime figure and the 'Human Alliance' Bumblebee and Sam action figure set. There are other awesome Transformers toys too, all of which are certain to thrill every fan of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

For more movie and TV action there are all kinds of G.I. Joe toys available based on the G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra movie, then there are also Ben 10 toys and action figures, Ben 10 vehicles, Ben 10 costumes and more featuring the iconic cartoon character! For younger TV fans there are lovely toys such as the Timmy Time Night Night Timmy toys. For fans of the Twilight Saga and the New Moon movie there is a massive range of action figures, Twilight dolls, Twilight gifts, stationery, Twilight jewelry and countless other vampire-themed goodies to choose from.

Barbie dolls are back on the scene in a big way too, thanks to the beautiful range of Barbie And The Three Musketeers dolls and accessories, and also the Barbie Princess Rosella Doll range too. For fans of interactive animal toys there are amazing items like the FurReal Friends Lulu and FurReal Friend Zambi to check out, along with the exciting Screature and other Interactive Dinosaur Toys! There are some adorable baby dolls around too, such as the delightful Baby Annabell doll and Baby Chou Chou dolls, all of which are sure to make Christmas dreams come true for girls this year.

For young fans of collectable games there are some amazing Bakugan Battle Brawlers toys and accessories on the market, such as the Bakugan Battle Arena, the Bakugan Launcher, Bakugan Starter Packs and many more. Do your boys and girls prefer Battle Strikers? There are also a great many fantastic Battle Strikers Toys and play sets to ensure that this Christmas is as action packed as possible for the children in your life!

One of the most popular toy ranges around for this Christmas is definitely the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster toys. Also known as Go Go Pets Hamster Toys, these adorable little furry friends are proving to be the biggest hit around with toy retailers this year by far. These beautiful little critters have brought a great new level of interactivity to playtime. With cute hamster sounds, their own personalities, and some lovely Hamster ways, these interactive pets are a ton of fun, and set to be the big seller this Christmas.

These are just a sample of the many excellent best Christmas toys and best games for boys and girls for Christmas. There are many other best Christmas toys to choose from,so take a look through all we have to offer. They have been specially chosen to give you great toys at a super low price. You can find all of these toys and many more of the very best toys and games for girls and boys at Christmas right here!